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Fast and flexible eCommerce package for IMAS customers

Improving customer service and reducing costs are two of the key reasons to extend your applications to the web. IMAS Web is designed to provide web-enabled functionality for IMAS licensed users. This functionality is developed using LANSA for the Web.

Access IMAS safely over the Internet

IMAS Web is built on the proven security record of the IBM i and has multilevel and multifaceted security options. With this secure foundation you can implement the level of security that your organisation requires.

Rapid customisation

A typical implementation is from only 3 days, which includes training and configuration of your site. Like IMAS, IMAS Web is extremely rapid to extend or modify.

IMAS Web has the added benefit that your customers only require an industry standard browser – no additional “plug ins” or other software to distribute or upgrade in the future.

Enhanced and intuitive screen design means that your customers require little or no training.

You can also customise your website to include your own company logo, browser background, other images and much more. Leading Internet security is available to protect the privacy and integrity of your corporate data.

With IMAS Web you get the benefits of a package solution like reliability, proven integration and support without the negatives – your site won’t look just like everybody else’s.


  • Internet IMAS connection
  • Seamless integration to other IMAS modules
  • Order processing with IMAS
  • Internet security
  • Allows sales level login to be enabled
  • Automatic update to IMAS system
  • Configurable IMAS Website
  • Tax calculations
  • Email request & confirmations
  • Multi-lingual application
  • IMAS special pricing support
  • Pricing displayed in customer’s currency
  • Unit of measure conversions
  • Product restriction by customer, product or class
  • Site activity audit reports
  • Show all applicable bonus products
  • Configurable display of stock levels

eBusiness integration

You will benefit from IMAS Web’s direct interface between its Order Entry module and IMAS Order Processing, which revalidates each order and automatically updates it to the IMAS system, either interactively or on a deferred basis at your choice.

Business-to-Business benefits

IMAS Web is designed for Business-to-Business transactions as well as providing an interface for remote sales staff.

IMAS Web provides authorized parties with web access to Customer Order Entry, Accounts Receivable Enquiry, Product Enquiry, Customer Order Enquiry and Email.

Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: Asia Pacific
Platforms: IBM i