[Live Webinar] Automate business data exchange without coding. Register HERE
[Live Webinar] Automate business data exchange without coding. Register HERE


KEOPS is a complete and integrated solution that provides the backbone of Airline operations.

Functionality includes:

  • The quick generation of complex Commercial Quotations, spread out by cost centre : crew, handling, fuel, maintenance, general expenses
  • The creation of Commercial Planning simulations, until the optimum Flight Schedule is found
  • Automatic or manual Crew assignment, in conformity with both legal and social constraints
  • Crew logistics management and tracking of hotel / shuttle booking, and positioning flight bookings (status, cost, cancellations)
  • Operations set up and flight tracking, thanks to the IATA messages integration : MVT, LDM, SLS, ASM, SCR
  • Station information management : airport authorities, handling agents, suppliers, currencies, jet lag
  • Direct Operating Costs management and follow up, for both future and performed flights, associated with a powerful Invoice control module
  • All kinds of Statistical Reports are directly issued from the system : Aircraft & Crew flight hours, Pax, delays, fuel burn, costs

Information is entered once only and updated in real-time as operational events happen (quotations, flight dispatch, performances, analysis, training and crew assignment).

KEOPS provides operational and financial control and allows for hypothetical flight schedules and budget simulations. The powerful communication module automatically sends messages to remote parties, such as crew, services, suppliers and airline authorities.

KEOPS can be deployed on Windows, IBM i and in a hosted SaaS environment and integrates where needed with third party systems, such as for aircraft maintenance, catering, in-flight sales, accounting and statistics.

For more information visit: http://xlm.aero/

Availability Details:
Languages: English, French and Spanish
Countries: Worldwide
Platforms: IBM i, Windows and SaaS

Partner Contact Details:
1 rue Colbert
Tel: +33 (0)614 261 711
Website: www.xlm.aero