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LanTurn™ the TurnOver™/LANSA™ Interface, lets you manage LANSA changes within the TurnOver Change Management system. LANSA definitions are checked out from a production partition into a development partition, changed and promoted the same way other IBM i (AS/400) source and objects are managed by TurnOver. LanTurn provides a more productive LANSA development environment with features like LANSA cross-reference, RDML compare and distribution.

TurnOver allows you to analyze and change LANSA applications and your 4GL applications on the same Worklist. Functions such as source compare are fully supported with LanTurn. With just one software change management system to learn, your staff will be productive quickly. Whether your development and production are on the same computer or you distribute changes, your LANSA objects will be installed reliably, every time.

Developers will appreciate the fact that they will not need to import or export LANSA objects between production, test and development partitions; this is done behind the scenes by LanTurn. Furthermore, it handles modification of all data library names within the data model during checkout — eliminating the problems that occur when definitions are copied between partitions.

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Languages: English
Countries: Worldwide
Platforms: System i

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