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[Live Webinar] Automate business data exchange without coding. Register HERE


The LMS property management solution is recognized as one of the hospitality industry’s premier property management software solutions. LMS is ideal for large-scale hospitality and gaming operations, powering 17 of the 20 largest casinos in Las Vegas and 19 of the world’s 20 largest hotels.

 The LMS solution automates every aspect of hotel operations – from reservations and credit card processing to accounting and housekeeping. The LMS solution also links customers’ gaming accounts to hotel accounts and is built on a platform that runs 24/7, so the software is always up and running. Its versatile foundation easily expands to incorporate additional modules for activities scheduling, attraction ticketing, food and beverage, itinerary planning, online reservations, remote check-in, sales and catering, spa scheduling and more.

 The latest version of the LMS solution features a graphical user interface that makes it simple to learn and easier to use. The web-enabled system is based on a services-oriented architectural framework that offers maximum flexibility and minimal upkeep.

 The following modules are available with LMS:

Accounts Receivable

The LMS Accounts Receivable module is a flexible, menu-driven package that increases operational efficiency and revenue collection.


The LMS ARTS module helps your property achieve maximum return on investment by capturing guests at the first opportunity – when they are making a reservation.


The LMS CASH module works with the LMS property management system to provide instant online credit card approval combined with express check-in.

LMS Central

Reservations The LMS Central Reservations module can be used across multiple databases without any limit on the number of rooms or number of properties that can run through the software.

LMS Condo Accounting

The LMS Condo Accounting application was designed to quickly and easily calculate the revenues, expenses and profit sharing between condo owners and the management company.

LMS Guest eMarketing (GeM)

Keep in touch with your guests with HTML-based guest correspondence, advertising and marketing campaigns, and customer surveys.

LMS ResNet

The LMS ResNet module is a web-based real-time reservation system that allows Internet users to book reservations directly into the LMS property management system.

ResNet Check-in,Checkout

The ResNet Check-in, Checkout is a mobile version of LMS ResNet application.

LMS ShowGate®

The LMS ShowGate module offers an exciting new way to provide integrated theater, stadium and attraction ticketing services with total venue management capability.

For more information visit: www.agilysys.com/solutions/by-products/property-management/lms

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