[Live Webinar] Automate business data exchange without coding. Register HERE
[Live Webinar] Automate business data exchange without coding. Register HERE


The LMS+ software of “The IBM Global Initiative for Law Firms,” is an enterprise-class financial and practice management system which includes a wide variety of tightly integrated software applications. LMS+ provides the tools to easily manage clients, matters, prospects, billing, financial reporting, profitability, cases, documents and introduces several key technologies commonly used by Fortune 500 companies.

The benefits achieved include industry-leading reliability and security, a zero virus platform, on-demand performance and scalability to handle multiple, integrated software applications on one server. This 64-bit software and server design fits comfortably into most existing networks, reduces IT costs and provides the fastest Return-on-Investment (ROI) in the legal market.

Key Modules at a Glance

  • Time Recording/Tracking
  • Billing/Accounts Receivable
  • Task/Electronic Billing
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Trust Accounting
  • Executive Inquiry
  • Profitability
  • Financial Center
  • Data Warehouse
  • Docket/Calendaring
  • Business Intelligence
  • Records
  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Document/Knowledge Management
  • CRM

For more information visit: www.legal.rippe.com

Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: Worldwide
Platforms: IBM i and browser clients

Partner Contact Details:
Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc.
1077 Celestial St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Contact: Thom Davidson
Tel: 513 241 1375
Email: Rippe & Kingston Systems
Website: www.rippe.com