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LREP | LANSA Repository Explorer for Productivity

LREP is an add-on tool designed to enhance the efficiency with which LANSA developers can explore the LANSA repository. It includes advanced search and analysis functions to support all stages of application development, from design to coding, testing, troubleshooting and implementation.




  • Additional high-level viewer of the LANSA Repository
  • Satisfies additional requests of the Agile/DevOps era
  • Matches functionality of open system development tools in support of CI (continuous integration)
  • Complement and expand the LANSA editor
  • LREP includes a static code analysis tool
  • Easy to understand and use


Features and Functions:


  • Impact search for field attribute change
  • Search for objects changed by a developer
  • Code before and after comparison
  • Source code search through function, parts and form
  • Matrix for CRUD (Create/read /Update/Delete) information
  • Impact list for LANSA upgrade
  • Syntax check of naming rule
  • Message file cross reference
  • Performance check related to multiple logical files
  • “Check-in” check list
  • Auto documentation for latest design


For more information visit:

Availability Details:
Languages: Japanese (English can be made available on request)
Countries: Japan (other countries on request)
Platforms: IBM i, Windows Server


Partner Contact Details:
MIS Co.,Ltd.
2F Showakanda Building
10-2 Kanda Higashi Matsushitacho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0042

Contact: Kunihiro Urano, President & CEO
Tel: +81 (3) 5289 3001
Email: MIS Co.,Ltd.

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