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Point of Care

Provide residents with more efficient, effective, and patient-centered care. Enrich work culture and reduce pressure ulcers.

Each resident is the hub for all activities that go on around him or her

American Health Care’s Point of Care system is a tool within our state-of-the-art, multi-faceted Electronic Health Record (EHR) Clinical Care Suite that provides Clinical Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and other staff an on-the-spot device to record resident care giving information and concerns every shift, automatically updating the clinical record.

Point of Care provides a complete picture of each resident’s status and ensures that the standard of care is met; health concerns are flagged before they become serious; and personnel issues are resolved efficiently and effectively. Point of Care manages care giving in all types of long-term care, healthcare facilities—from retirement villages to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospice, and home care.

Using a touch screen makes entering data faster and more accurate

With the touch of a finger, staff on each shift can capture critical data for each resident: bowel and bladder activities, hygiene, mobility, mood and behavior, nutrition and fluid intake/output, skin observations, weight, level of self-care, and level of staff assistance. Point of Care provides a CNA Notes function that can associate staff notes with each shift for each resident monitored. Staff can record where each type of skin condition occurred on a graphic of the human body and automatically write a CNA note detailing the condition.

Standardizes information gathering and communication

Point of Care requires each shift to perform the same set of monitoring activities for all residents– logging the same activities, in the same way and with the same level of detail—facilitating comparisons between shifts and observations of resident status and behavior changes.

Prevents care errors

As soon as the staff member selects the resident to monitor, Point of Care displays a photograph of the resident and continues to display the picture on each subsequent screen—eliminating the possibility of mixing up individuals. This is especially useful in facilities with residents with identical surnames, high throughput, or replacement staff.

Reduces staff time

Because Point of Care automatically updates the residents’ clinical records and compiles the information recorded on each shift, staff no longer has to compile the information by hand to support care team management efforts. Built into Point of Care are also the compilations necessary for reporting data to outside agencies.

Identifies high-risk residents

American has built in features that fulfill the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality’s recommendations for “On-Time Quality Improvement for Long-term Care.” Point of Care turns “daily documentation into useful information that enhances clinical care planning.”

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Platforms: System i or Windows server with Windows clients

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