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Preceda is an integrated, end-to-end people management solution that provides Human Resource Management, Payroll, Employee Self Service, Award Interpretation and Time and Attendance functionality from one central database, with a common user interface. Preceda is designed, developed and supported in Australia for Australian and New Zealand business conditions using the latest technology and software engineering approach.


Browser-based (internet) architecture enables employees, line managers or HR/Payroll staff to have secure access directly into the application’s integrated database. The benefit of this remote and secure access to a central database or ‘single source of truth’ is one of the distinct advantages of Preceda.


Preceda’s browser-based, zero client architecture also provides significant advantages for deployment and access. Users only require a web browser and the appropriate security clearance. There is no requirement for additional software to be loaded and maintained on the PC.


Preceda is a scalable solution used by many of the largest and smallest organizations in Australia and New Zealand, including Woolworths, the largest non-government employer in the region with 160,000+ employees. Its scalability allows you to start small with just 12 staff members, for example, and grow along with your business with the minimum of cost and disruption.


Preceda is a scalable, proven people management solution designed, developed and supported by Ascender in Australia.


Preceda includes the following functionality:


  • Human Resource Management modules and tools
  • Payroll Processing for Australia, New Zealand and other countries
  • Employee Self Service with workflow and intranet
  • Time and Attendance with Award Interpretation and Rostering
  • Preceda Metrics – A KPI analysis and benchmarking tool
  • Advanced Reporting – With report automation and e-mail delivery
  • Interfaces – Seamless interfaces to General Ledger, Australian Tax Office, Banks and Superannuation


Deployment Options:


  • On your IBM i server
  • On Demand – SaaS enables you to access the power and functionality of Ascender Preceda via the Internet while Ascender manages your critical HR and Payroll platform in its secure data center.
  • Outsourcing – frees up valuable resources to focus on your organization’s strategic goals rather than time-consuming HR and Payroll administrative tasks


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Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: Australia and New Zealand
Platforms: IBM i or SaaS


Partner Contact Details:
164 Fullarton Road
Dulwich SA 5065

Tel: 1300 766 400 (inside Australia)
Tel: +61 (08) 8139 1800

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