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Protex CPM

Protex CPM (Critical Path Management) efficiently manages events in your business processes whether it is managing the order, product or purchasing process. The system aligns the correct resources to a process, monitoring progress and performance throughout. Problems are identified enabling swift corrective action.

Protex CPM is a flexible system to fit your existing working practices providing visibility, insight and control which in turn provides the ability to reduce time and costs.


Critical Path Creation

Critical Paths can be created for an order, product, sales order or any business process that requires management. Tasks and resources are created with timescales and due dates. A graphical tool is used to link the tasks into a path with a ‘critical’ end completion date.

A central repository of templates can be set-up for fast critical path set-up. Templates provide the ability to introduce standardisation of processes to deploy best practice. Specific instances of the template are then created reflecting details such as delivery date and product details.

The Protex Critical Path system enables the user to plan by start date or due date. If planning by due date the system will filter the tasks backwards to provide the date the process needs to begin.

Coordination of Working Together
IT systems promote communication and the sharing of information, which in turn enhances internal teams to work together.

Protex Critical Path management is no exception providing users with access to crucial data empowers individuals to take action. The library facility stores documents and emails related to the path for shared access.

Assigning Responsibilities
Responsibilities for tasks and individual critical paths are assigned to individuals or departments e.g. buyers, quality control. Individuals or teams are directed to tasks that need doing to ensure deadlines are met. Individuals have visibility of the impact of their tasks promoting accountability. If tasks are late escalation routes are defined for further management.

Automation of Tasks
Within the critical path the action facility automatically launches the relevant document or application required for that task to be complete – all in the same workspace.

Quick Enquiries
The critical path enquiry enables users to interrogate the data quickly and simply. For example ‘show me all the paths for a particular customer’ to review progress, problems etc. From this screen the user can drill down to the individual tasks or to the individual’s calendar.

Powerful Management Control
The critical path dashboard aggregates information from across all critical paths and individual tasks to display vital statistics in a graphical view. Within this a user can drill down to the critical paths and then again to individual tasks. Key information is visible to aid decision-making and the setting of priorities.

Protex CPM integrates with the main business system through standard programming languages. This automates the critical path management process.

For example, when a user creates a PO in the businesses main business application it automatically creates a relevant critical path. The critical path is created using a template. The template applied is based on configurable criteria linked to the PO e.g. supplier, country, product type etc. If the PO has a date for delivery then the CP automatically plans backwards from this date.

Exception Management through Alerts
An alert can be for any issue or information that a user needs to be made aware of across the business. For example, an alert can be sent to inform a manager that a task is late.

Suppliers can update the progress of an order providing instant visibility to everyone involved. For example, a user in China can log-on with a user interface in their local language.

For more information visit: www.datelprotex.com/solutions/protex-critical-path-management/

Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: Worldwide
Platforms: IBM i or Windows

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