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Stratum Global provides a complete integrated RFID software solution suite called TagNet. This suite consists of server components and “client” application modules for RFID deployment within any organization. TagNet is release supported business application software designed with the end-user in mind. The software insulates you from low-level technology layers of RFID enabling deployment of the solution in days, not weeks or months…

Combined with TagNet, Stratum Global provides complete implementation services including Site Surveys, Hardware installation & enterprise integration to support the total RFID solution. TagNet supports a variety of RFID readers, tags and printers and integrates into most ERP, MES, WMS, data store, and legacy business processes.

TagNet Server
Utilizing an RFID Event Management engine, TagNet Server deploys to your platform & database of choice providing the core business logic and Object repository of the TagNet Suite. Supporting Passive, Battery Assisted Passive and Active technology, TagNet’s Reader Management module enables configuration of RFID read zones including remote monitoring and diagnostic capability of your RFID hardware (physical readers) infrastructure. With read zones configured, existing business applications (such as an ERP or WMS) can subscribe to tag events using user-defined integration adaptors & filtering criteria found in the TagNet Filtering & Collection module. Custom reader behavior can be configured for each read zone such as GPIO (sensors, lights, PLC, etc.) as well as digital camera integration.

Additional functionality includes tag printing & commissioning, a comprehensive location management module and the object repository which can store Product and Asset information for standalone operation or synchronized with another system. TagNet was developed and is valued based upon the scale at which your business requires RFID. A single TagNet software footprint supports multiple business applications & Industries.

Being able to manage assets via RFID can provide your organization with significant value in cost reduction and increased efficiencies. AssetTrack is a family of interrelated modules residing on mobile handheld RFID readers designed to address specific use cases while communicating with TagNet Server wirelessly in real-time or via offline synchronization. Base AssetTrack associates (maps) reusable RFID tags with meaningful and unique object identifiers found within your enterprise systems such as products, assets and personnel. Once mapped, subsequent identification via AssetTrack or fixed TagNet Server read zones will provide meaningful data about those objects, as well as enabling automated inventory transaction capabilities. Base AssetTrack communicates wirelessly in real-time with TagNet Server.

The Physical Inventory module enables formal physical count procedures via RFID with auditable asset identification. Asset information resides within TagNet Object repository with integration to any Enterprise Asset Management System. Physical Inventory operates in offline mode and synchronizes with TagNet Server wirelessly or via a docking station.

The Geiger Counter module enables finite locating of tagged assets with audible and visual clues when the object(s) in question has been found. Geiger Counter operates in offline mode and synchronizes with TagNet Server wirelessly or via a docking station.

The Warehouse module enables container aggregation (e.g. case-to-pallet) prior to shipping as well as general WMS put-away and other inventory transactions. The Warehouse module communicates wirelessly in real-time with TagNet Server.

The Inspection Reporting module enables RFID identification with prompted inspection questions based on Asset type. Supports free form notes as well as image association captured during the inspection process. Previous inspection reports can be called up to compare with current conditions. Inspection Reporting operates in offline mode and synchronizes with TagNet Server wirelessly or via a docking station.

Mobile lift trucks or similar material handling vehicles are integral tools in most facilities. In many instances, integrating an RFID Inventory Management solution for these vehicles makes more sense than equipping a facility with a high number of fixed RFID read zones. TagTrack for mobile vehicles provides real-time directed inventory put-aways, picks and moves with limited driver interaction via a cab mounted touch screen workstation. TagTrack is designed for real time integration with TagNet’s location management module or optionally an existing enterprise inventory management system such as an ERP or WMS. Flexible antenna configurations enable reading of both container tags as well as location tags (racks, aisles, doorways, etc.).

Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America
Platforms: IBM i and Windows

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