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TD/OMS is a cost-effective, easy to use and scalable Application Life Cycle Management solution. TD/OMS supports IBM i, Windows and UNIX/Linux. It incorporates fundamental IT business process support to manage software changes, software development, deployment and software modernization projects. TD/OMS enables development teams to collaborate on projects and share information at various development stages in multiple environments (Development, Test, User Acceptance Testing, and Deployment). TD/OMS is a powerful software solution that incorporates all the features needed to meet modern software development requirements.

Shorten your Time-to-Change with LANSA-TD/OMS

The TD/OMS LANSA interface lets you manage items such as Incidents, Change Requests and Tasks, taking control of the various aspects of your LANSA application development life cycle. The interface utilizes the LANSA task tracking mechanism to exchange information between LANSA and TD/OMS. When a task is generated within TD/OMS a corresponding task is automatically created within LANSA. The result is a 1-to-1 relationship between the LANSA task and the TD/OMS task, eliminating the need for developers to select a LANSA task when connecting components to the TD/OMS task. The TD/OMS LANSA interface can also support any other LANSA task implementations, for example, a general task for each developer.

This product is complementary to LANSA.

For more information visit: https://remainsoftware.com/tdoms-lansa-interface

Availability Details:
Languages: English
Countries: Worldwide
Platforms: IBM i & Windows

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