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Code-Free Data Transformation and Business Process Integration

LANSA Composer is a simple and cost-effective way to get business transactions in and out of your business systems with less human effort. LANSA Composer satisfies the five key requirements of any business process integration solution:

A comprehensive range of built-in activities makes it possible for nonprogrammers to create simple solutions to complex problems without coding.

Benefits of LANSA Composer

The LANSA Composer business process integration suite is designed to handle the many integration and process improvement challenges businesses face today by streamlining how data is exchanged, processed, and monitored among internal systems, external trading partners, and the cloud.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Automated processes reduce costs by minimizing the need for human intervention and managing exceptions. Companies that automate business processes see productivity improvements of anywhere from 40 to 140 percent after two years.

Versatile and Agile Business Processes

Quickly adapt LANSA Composer business processes by updating the assembled process flow or changing one of the insulated transformation, transportation, or trading partner parameters. Business processes are more agile when less human involvement is required.

Faster Business Process Development

LANSA Composer decreased development time by including a set of ready-made activities that most companies need for business process integration. You simply assemble business processes. Assembling a process is much faster than writing program code to manage the process.

Visibility of Day-to-Day Activity

With the ability to drill down into any step of a business process, companies have full visibility into every transaction to examine the success or failure of a process. LANSA Composer includes the ability to restart a failed processing sequence from the point of failure.

Flexible Deployment Options

Data transformations can address databases across your network. Built-in activities facilitate communications across your network. Processing sequences can invoke any executable on the same server or spread across multiple Windows or on IBM i servers.

IBM i Specific Functionality

LANSA Composer runs on Windows and IBM i, but IBM i deployments can leverage features available in aXes. LANSA Composer activities can interact with interactive 5250 applications via aXes to retrieve and send data. The Green’s General Foods case study illustrates this feature.


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Too many business processes rely on human effort, which affects operating costs, employee productivity, and business relationships. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how LANSA Composer provides a simple and cost-effective way to automate business processes, react faster, increase revenues, and service more customers.

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