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Applications and Business Data Integration

LANSA Integrator simplifies exchanging data between applications and transferring files and documents between businesses. It enables bi-directional flows of data and/or files in almost any format. LANSA Integrator is strategic middleware that provides tools and services to enable:

Integrator comprises services for data transformation, communications, email, messaging, and web services, complemented by interface tools and utilities. It supports multiple data formats, including XML, EDI, text, video, SMS, email, MicrosoftⓇ ExcelTM workbooks, PDF files, and relational databases. Developers can use these services in their integration applications to transform data from one format to another. It supports multiple data transport methods, including HTTP, FTP, SFTP, web services, and message queue software. Any application can call Integrator’s services using simple APIs.

Benefits of LANSA Integrator

The technologies used in application integration can be many and complex. LANSA Integrator’s APIs and built-in functions simplify the task of building interfaces to Visual LANSA or RPG, which results in faster development and implementation of integration requirements.

Developer Assistance
with Data Integration

LANSA Integrator assists developers with building data integration solutions. It simplifies integration design by providing the tools needed to receive, extract, transform, and send data. Developers need only to define the data and transformation rules and choose a data transport.

Complex Tasks
Made Easy

Easily design and build data flows that link a new application with existing applications, especially data flows that cross corporate boundaries. LANSA Integrator takes care of the detailed work that ensures the data is in the desired format and reaches its destination successfully.

Command Set

Developers can interact with LANSA Integrator’s services to manipulate data using simple commands instead of coding complex APIs. Integrator uses no invasive integration techniques that require changes to source or target applications for the integration to operate successfully.


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