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[Upcoming Webinars] Join our live sessions on low-code, API, and mobile development this February. REGISTER NOW
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Improve Integration
Improve Business.

LANSA’s integration solutions simplify business operations

Reduce IT time, effort, and resources for your programmers and analysts. Streamline standard business processes, automate tedious tasks, and improve efficiency across your business with LANSA’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and application integration solutions for improved data accessibility, communication, and productivity.

Connect Applications + Businesses

Eliminate manual, error-prone & time-consuming tasks that only exist because of the complexities involved with exchanging data between applications and transferring files between businesses. LANSA’s Integrator takes care of the detailed work, reduces development effort, and ensures your team can get more done—faster.

No-Code Integration

Stop wasting valuable time trying to solve common process and integration issues between internal business systems, external trading partners, and the cloud. Streamline how—and how easily—business processes are created, implemented, and managed with our no-code solution, LANSA Composer.

Expand Application Possibilities

Breakdown .NET application silos safely, quickly and with resource efficiency. Access IBM i resources, data and applications directly within your .NET applications and bring a better customer experience to your employees.

Integration solutions simplify business operations.

“The successful rollout of Elder’s digital and online projects was a major factor in the Marketing & Communications winning the 2017 One Elders Team of the Year Award.”

-Elders Leadership

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Our systems are elegant, productive, economical, maintainable, integrated – you name it. We couldn't have a quarter of what we're doing without LANSA.

-Stan Kritzik, Proprietor, Metropolitan Associates

Learn more about our amazing customers

With the help of online tutorials, documentation, and a few calls to LANSA support, we got started with the LANSA platform quickly.

-Keith Arteaga, IT Manager, Brunswick

Learn more about our amazing customers