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Amplifying E-commerce Efficiency with LANSA Commerce Edition

by | Mar 22, 2024 | App Development

E-commerce businesses must constantly innovate and enhance as market trends and technology evolve rapidly. To stay competitive, they need to extend the functionality of their existing application from time to time. However, this process involves numerous challenges. Developers must work within their existing codebases, which may be complex and time-consuming. It not only makes the development cycles lengthy but also enhances the chances of introducing errors. Integrating the existing online platform with back-end systems, like ERP or inventory management systems, can also be daunting, requiring compatibility with different platforms. LANSA Commerce Edition resolves these challenges.

LANSA Commerce Edition provides an easy, rapid, and configurable solution to e-commerce businesses that helps them extend their core applications to customers and business partners. It not only enables businesses to select the functionality they wish to deploy in their B2B or B2C websites, such as custom product catalogs, analytics, and reporting but also facilitates developers in maintaining and extending application features through a professional low-code development language.


LANSA Commerce Edition: Ultimate solution for e-commerce innovation

LANSA Commerce Edition offers a comprehensive suite of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) components. Built upon LANSA’s professional low-code development tool, it enables the rapid development of cross-platform eBusiness applications. This cutting-edge tool is designed to integrate with existing ERP systems, running natively on the same system or as a stand-alone or hosted application.

LANSA Commerce Edition’s configurable and customizable pre-built components incorporate best-of-breed designs from top websites, allowing businesses to create intuitive e-commerce applications. One of the best things about this e-commerce solution is it’s fully integrated with back-end ERP or home-grown systems. It helps firms live their website inventory, pricing, and order status against their systems through APIs or direct connection to their files. Moreover, it supports multi-storefront capabilities from a single implementation. The multi-storefront capability provides users with multiple and distinct looks and feels, storefront branding, and domains for different B2B and B2C businesses.

Extend ERP system with fully integrated self-service e-commerce solution

Transformed Rotary’s ordering process with Commerce Edition

Several businesses often face challenges in managing their complex ordering systems in their e-commerce platforms. One such company, Rotary, the world’s largest supplier of outdoor power equipment parts, struggled with its old-fashioned and rigid website layout. It mainly faced challenges with its manual ordering system, which led to inefficiencies. To address these challenges, it adopted LANSA Commerce Edition, which provides the business with a comprehensive solution to control the content on its website. It not only streamlines its ordering process but also makes it easy for dealers and customers to purchase products online. With this e-commerce solution, the company was able to customize the functionality of its website as per its requirements and integrate it with its backend ERP system, which helped the business improve its overall efficiency and ordering management system.


Redefined Barrus’ dealer site with LANSA’s customer self-service solution

Barrus, a leading manufacturer and distributor, faced challenges implementing EDI to replace their dial-up connection infrastructure with an online system for dealers to place orders. The main problem was that the company wanted a single solution that not only supported EDI, XML, and other transaction formats but also integrated with an outdated dealer portal (i.e. ERP GEAC System21 core iSeries solution) without requiring specialized Java skills. To address these challenges, Barrus used LANSA Commerce Edition. With this e-commerce solution, it modernized its dealer site by integrating it with EDI and enhancing the user experience. Integrating the platform’s web services capabilities with dealer systems improved its data exchange system and sped up its order processing.

Soar up your E-commerce business with LANSA Commerce Edition

LANSA Commerce Edition has proven to be a game-changer in e-commerce business applications. Its ability to extend functionality to meet the demands of the evolving digital landscape has led a number of companies to adopt it. By addressing the issues of extending the functionality of existing e-commerce websites and integration with back-end EDI systems, LANSA Commerce Edition enables businesses to stay ahead in the competitive digital world. It helps companies to streamline operations, drive growth, and improve customer experiences. Built and managed with Visual LANSA, the LANSA Commerce edition is a better option for creating websites for e-commerce businesses. It eliminates the need to learn multiple web languages and enables developers to extend and enhance any application easily. With integration and mobile commerce capabilities, this customer self-service solution enables businesses to build customized applications for their customers.

Build the commercial backbone for your E-commerce business with LANSA Commerce Edition

Looking for a solution that extends the functionalities of your applications without learning different programming languages? Experience the synergy of speed and sophistication with LANSA Commerce Edition, tailored for eCommerce application development.

LANSA Commerce Edition offered a suite of components to generate customer self-service applications, extending existing ERP and business systems to the web without replicating business rules, pricing, or data. From professional low-code development to integrating with back-end systems, this tool empowers businesses to build exceptional e-commerce applications with ease. If you want to take your e-commerce business to the next level in the digital marketplace, contact us today!