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Announcing the best BI Solution for the IBM i! Discover LANSA BI here
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IBM i Developer Productivity Tools For Working Smarter, Not Harder

by | Sep 1, 2022 | App Development, Application Modernization, aXes, ibm i modernization, LANSA Composer, LANSA Integrator, Low Code Platform, Visual LANSA

Today, most businesses invest in digital IBM i modernization tools to modernize legacy applications and increase their IBM i developer productivity. Whether you’re talking about managing your time, infrastructure management, tasks, or content, there are almost numerous tools out there that can make your tasks simpler for you.

The developer’s productivity is an important factor when creating new applications or modernizing existing ones. So, the performance or output that demonstrates a software developer’s productivity over any specific period or matrix is known as IBM i developer productivity. It can be a challenge to worry about increasing IBM i software developer productivity and learning new languages. Businesses use different IBM i developer productivity tools that not only improve the developers’ productivity but, also accelerate time to market, and increase ROI.

In this article, we will discuss why IBM i productivity tools are important for working smarter. Moreover, we will also see how the LANSA IBM i modernizations tools help in improving IBM i developer productivity.

What Is IBM i Developer Productivity?

IBM i developer productivity is the output of IBM i applications or performance of a developer that shows how productive a software developer is in any given matrix or time frame. Therefore, different tools are available that help you to improve the productivity of software developers or development teams.

What Is The IBM Rational Developer Tool?

IBM RDi (Rational Developer for i) is an integrated development environment (IDE) based on the widely used Eclipse platform. These tools reside on the developer’s desktop for enabling developers to work in both host-connected and disconnected modes.

IBM RDi includes modernizations and RPG and Cobol tools to generate wizards for web services that are running in the IBM i environment. It also integrates with IBM rational team concert to enhance planning and monitoring of the application lifecycle process.

What Potential Customer Pain Points Decrease IBM i Developer Productivity?

When a company decides to digitally transform its legacy IBM i applications, it may face some challenges or potential customer pain points that are listed:

Rapidly Changing Conditions

Technology improves at a rapid rate. Therefore, the existing IBM i applications will not be able to satisfy modern needs without application modernization.

Low Developer Productivity

IBM i application modernization involves making sure the productivity of your IT department and implementation teams during the digital transformation process.

Lack Of Talent

IBM i organizations have a lack of talent or skills to modernize their legacy systems.

No Easy Way To Innovate

IBM i applications need constantly innovate to stay up with the pace of business while also allowing for more innovation. But, It’s a fact that trying to innovate without modernizing IBM i apps is difficult.

Difficulty Integrating 

While integrating the old infrastructure with a modern solution, businesses experience difficulties due to monolithic and isolated data systems.

Modern Usage Limitations

Modern usage limitations decrease IBM i developer productivity.

How Can We Make Software Developers More Productive Using LANSA IBM i Modernization Tools?

LANSA cross-platform IBM i modernization tools provide aid to organizations in the digital transformation process. However, these modernization tools help in modernizing the legacy IBM i applications and increase the IBM i developer productivity. LANSA IBM i modernization solutions offers the following remarkable features that are best compared to other IBM i productivity tools:

  • Boost efficiency with scalability and agility
  • Gain greater insights
  • Improve security and reduce risk
  • Optimize IT costs
  • Innovate faster and increased developer productivity
  • Create an agile and strategic development team or workforce.

How Does LANSA aXes Increase IBM i Developer Productivity?

LANSA aXes IBM i modernization tool specialized in IBM i green screen modernization. It transforms the green screen of the IBM i 5250 application into a graphical web or mobile interface. So, just install aXes IBM I productivity tool on your IBM i system and your employees can access securely their IBM i 5250 applications from any web-enabled remote device. 

aXes-Robot API enables software developers to construct apps that automate IBM i applications. It will help you to simulate data-entry actions on any 5250 screen. Moreover, it allows software developers to integrate and exchange data between existing IBM i applications and new ones (for example, Java, .NET, etc.).

How Does Visual LANSA Help In Improving IBM i Developer Productivity?

Visual LANSA is a low-code IBM I developer productivity tool that enables developers to build applications more quickly and boosts the productivity of IBM i software developers. The robust hybrid low-code Visual LANSA IDE (Integrated Development Environment) allows software developers to create and deliver IBM i 5250 clients, mobile apps, Windows desktop applications,  and much more.

The Visual LANSA apps can use REST APIs for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning capabilities in IBM i application modernization. In this way, it enhances output and cuts down the development time.

Businesses may reduce risk and the complexity of IBM i application development while digitally transforming their operations and IT efficiency. Furthermore, software developers can also add the Google Natural Language REST API and Google Cloud Vision REST API to expand their skills. To explore more features, you can see the below demo of the Visual LANSA modernization tool.

Why Do People Buy LANSA IBM i Modernization Solutions?

LANSA is the best IBM i modernization solutions provider and, specializes in IBM i AS400 modernization, IBM i application development, and integration. However, this comprehensive set of IBM i application development tools enables software developers to overcome the challenges of developing and maintaining the IBM i business applications.

  • Helps in building more efficient and accelerated business line applications that support cross-platform or flexible deployment and integrations.
  • Simplicity and scalability
  • Modernization
  • Price: (ROI vs. price)
  • Ongoing project support
  • Regulation

Are You Ready To Improve Your IBM i Developer Productivity Using LANSA IBM i Modernization Tools?

LANSA Composer is an economical solution to process business transactions in and out of your business systems with less human effort. Integrator provides advanced tools for transferring files and documents between enterprises and sharing data between applications. In addition, IBM i  LANSA productivity tools help you to develop an ERP business solution using a low code platform. So, you can contact us for more details to start leveraging Visual LANSA and other IBM i modernization tools.