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Need a Web Query for i alternative? Check out LANSA BI.
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When To Use IBM i Application Modernization Strategies

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Application Modernization, IBM i Modernization | 0 comments

We constantly mention the importance of modernizing outdated IBM i apps in this blog as we cover IBM i application modernization strategies. Today, in the era of digital transformation, modernization is definitely essential for enterprises in all industries. It is also becoming more important every year.

At the same time, however, modernizing enterprise IT systems is a complex process with consequences that affect multiple business operations. That is why modernization should not be taken lightly. Simply knowing some modernization techniques and having the tools to implement them won’t ensure a successful project. 

Why is choosing the right app modernization technique important?

Knowing how to choose a specific modernization technique and when and where to apply it is crucial. Given the variety of techniques available and unique needs of each organization, selecting the right approach is half the battle.  To get it right, you need to assess your applications and processes and prioritize those that most require modernization. This is particularly important as organizations grow and accumulate apps as time passes. 

What are the key criteria for evaluating IBM i application modernization strategies?

Here is our list of the key criteria for assessing legacy application modernization strategies given the variety of these techniques and the unique needs of specific organizations.

Implementation Speed

Time is money. Because of this, you need to assess the amount of time each application modernization strategy requires.  This is definitely among the most important criteria, especially in the current fast-paced business environment. 

Implementation Cost

Naturally, the relative costs of using an IBM i modernization technique is another very important factor for any company. 

Alignment with business objectives

Aligning with business objectives also should be a primary concern when you choose a modernization technique. This means you need to be aware of your goals and the long-term and short-term effects of implementing a modernization strategy. 

Business processes improvement

You should also assess how application modernization strategies will contribute to improving and optimizing operational processes across various organizational levels. 


The intrusiveness of the IBM i modernization technique or, the extent of change required in order to modernize your solution, is another major evaluation criteria you shouldn’t neglect. 


The resources that perform the implementation are also a crucial factor. The work can be performed in-house, by the organization’s internal IT team, or by the vendor that provides the modernization tool. It can also be done by a third-party contractor hired for the modernization project. 

Availability of modernization tools

Finally, you should select the IBM i modernization strategy based on the tools and solutions at your disposal. For many techniques, the quality of specific tools and their compatibility with the IBM i architecture is essential. 

Let’s look at how LANSA’s low-code platform can help your organization save its financial resources in this article about IBM money.

What are LANSA custom-made IBM i modernization tools and how can they be used in application modernization strategies?

Visual LANSA is a low-code, rapid application development platform for building enterprise-grade mobile, web, and desktop apps. The LANSA platform is a key component powering the successful delivery of IBM i modernization projects for hundreds of organizations.  Visual LANSA allows organizations of all sizes to use their existing development resources to build new apps and integrate them with other parts of their IT systems. 

Using LANSA, your organization can apply the same skills to write client-side code, server-side code, and everything in between. LANSA saves organizations the expense of hiring specialized software developers to deliver a modernization project or create a new app. It even allows even developers with limited skills and experience to contribute to the app creation process.

LANSA incorporates a variety of powerful tools, including several instruments created exclusively for the IBM i platform. In fact, LANSA’s goal is to make modernizing IBM i apps and related systems as easy as possible. 

Learn how your organization can benefit from the comprehensive IBM Mobile App Development experience with LANSA.

RAMP (Rapid Application Modernization Process)

Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP) is an incremental modernization approach that combines the best aspects of refacing existing applications and new development. By consolidating existing functionality with new capabilities inside the RAMP application framework, you get the applications you want without throwing everything away. You can modernize in stages, adding new functionality incrementally without disrupting your business operations. Best of all, you get a consistent user interface across all your applications.


Portalize is a fully functional, fully customizable portal framework loaded with the most essential features. By providing pre-made portal components, Portalize simplifies the creation of app portals and saves your developers coding time. 

The framework incorporates a wide range of pre-built administrative features you can integrate into a modernized IBM i app. Admins can easily manage user accounts, and they have full control over security and notification settings. They can control session logging as well as turn Google Analytics on or off at will. Whether you have a few, a few hundred, or a few thousand users, Portalize’s admin features will make keeping control of your portal’s users a snap. Check out this article to learn more about IBM logging.

Portalize also allows you to enable request validation checks for enhanced security. You can IP monitor and ban to thwart attacks, set login attempts, and control both the number of security questions and the questions asked.

Do you know everything you wanted to know about app modernization?

Modernization is an overwhelming process that can make or break your company. That’s why planning and strategizing for IBM i modernization is so important. We combined all the fundamental knowledge about enterprise application modernization in one whitepaper titled “Application Modernization For Dummies, LANSA Edition.” You can download it for free on this page

Ready to modernize IBM i with LANSA and aXes using powerful application modernization strategies?

LANSA’s platform combines all the right trends in modern-day software development and digital transformation, helping organizations to truly utilize the power of automation and digital transformation technologies. LANSA is the solution for organizations that need to implement IBM i modernization and data integration quickly, reliably, and with limited developer resources.

aXes is one of LANSA’s solutions created for IBM i users specifically. is a tailor-made tool designed to automate the creation of web-enabled IBM i applications. It allows organizations to easily transform their existing IBM i 5250 apps into web pages out-of-the-box, without changing source code.

aXes includes an API that allows developers to create programs able to automatically operate applications written with RPG or COBOL. Additionally, applications can use aXes to simulate the actions of a person entering data on screens in an IBM i application. This feature makes it possible to integrate existing 5250 apps with .NET, Java and other platforms without changing their source code. aXes caters for a wide range of automation options with versions of the API for .NET for Windows, Java for IBM i and Windows, and RPG for IBM i.

Ready to begin? Get in touch with us to start using Visual LANSA for your app development and modernization needs.



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