Visual LANSA 15 Tightens Control and Expands Platform Features for Development Teams on IBM i, Windows and Cloud Servers

Low-code platform update strengthens integration between version control systems and integrated development environments for fast and cost-effective app development

Austin, TEXAS — April 16, 2020 — LANSA (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of Low-Code application development platform tools, today announced the first phase of a major product update for Visual LANSA 15 with features that increase control and design functionality for developers who build and deploy enterprise web and mobile applications.

Visual LANSA’s unique Low-Code development platform, system integration and digital transformation technologies reduce hand-coding, support multiple languages and empower development teams to build applications up to 10x faster.

With Visual LANSA, developers can use the same language and integrated development environment (IDE) for all parts of an application—client-side, server-side and everything in between—increasing their value to the business. In addition to complete cross-platform support, Visual LANSA is uniquely positioned as the premier Low Code development environment for IBM i solutions.

Version 15 builds on this functionality by strengthening the integration between the version control systems and IDE, supporting additional data types and extending material design controls to increase the usability of applications developed. Whether deploying to an IBMi, Windows or cloud server, Visual LANSA 15 allows developers to quickly and simply build the most complex apps.

Key features include:

  • Code Generator for Publishing Web APIs: Allows tables and field definitions to be dragged onto the API Definitions tab to automatically generate schema and parameter definitions.
  • Load Data from Excel Worksheets: Eliminates the need for first-time users to connect to their database to get started.
  • Sample Application Enhancements:
    • Local User Management
    • Reset password using SendGrid
    • Verify via reCAPTCHA
    • Create FAQ sections
    • Retrieve data from a stock exchange via web services
  • New Branch Actions: To create, checkout, merge or rebase branches in the current repository.
  • YAML Comparison Tool: Notes the difference between two changes with highlights and line indentation.
  • Error Log Manager for LANSA Windows Products: Collects and centralizes detailed event and error information for all Visual LANSA-related products.
  • Add Quick Rules to Field: Makes it easier to add common rules.
  • Chart Controls: Offer native functionality to drag and drop onto any web application.
  • LANSA Integrator Code Generator Improvements: To produce free-format RPG.
  • SSO for VLF-ONE Applications: Available via Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Kerberos.
  • Integrations with:
    • Amazon Simple Storage Services: browser direct upload and download
    • Google Geocoding API
    • Google reCAPTCHA
    • Google Translate API
    • Login form with two-factor authentication
    • Sending email using SendGrid API
    • Sending SMS using Twilio

These Visual LANSA 15 capabilities will be extended in the coming months with features that help developers more easily build responsive, scalable applications using new material design controls and CSS properties.

“Our primary focus is delivering dev teams more intuitive, easier to use and faster to implement application development tools,” said Craig Trautman, General Manager at LANSA. “Visual LANSA 15 does just that—reduces application development friction and gets products to market faster with more affordable maintenance.”

To learn more about the latest release of Visual LANSA, visit the LANSA blog.


LANSA is the original low-code, high productivity software development platform for mobile, web and desktop applications. More than 8,000 organizations in 65 countries use LANSA’s platform to develop, maintain and integrate their business applications, ensuring a consistent look and feel with minimal coding. Customers include JPMorgan Chase, Kawasaki, TruGreen, Vistar and Walt Disney, among others. LANSA is a division of Idera, Inc. To learn more, visit