The eBizTrade eCommerce solution will help you improve your relationship with your trading partners by letting them place orders online at their own convenience. This eliminate re-keying errors and reduce data entry tasks.

eBizTrade is a modern solution built with the latest development tools and is designed to integrate with many different existing systems (functionality may differ from system to system) without the needing to make changes. With its tight integration, all updates are dynamic.

The technology used for eBizTrade has a high level of security and can serve a large number of users efficiently. Authentication determines the level of information that is available to the users, for example the account transaction details.

Availability Details:
Languages: Polish
Countries: Poland
Platforms: Windows

Partner Contact Details:
ABST Sp. zo.o.
ul.Organowa 15C
20-882 Lublin

Tel: +48 515 001 018
Email: ABST
Website: www.abst.pl