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Moor Place
1 Fore Street Avenue
London EC2Y 9DT
Tel: +44 (0)20 7588 1800
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.alfasystems.com

Alfa has been delivering systems and consultancy services to the global asset and automotive finance industry since 1990.
Our best practice methodologies and specialised knowledge of asset finance mean that we deliver the largest and most complex systems transformation projects. With an excellent delivery history of more than three decades in the industry, Alfa’s track record is unrivalled.

Alfa Systems, our class-leading technology platform, is the heart and lungs of some of the world’s largest and most progressive asset finance providers. Satisfying leasing software requirements of all sizes, the cloud-native Alfa Systems represents an integrated point solution, a rapid off-the-shelf implementation, or an end-to-end platform for the complex global enterprise.

Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business for equipment, automotive, wholesale and dealer finance, including originations, servicing and collections. It manages both high-volume transactions and complex leases and loans, in any region, language and currency. Fully extensible and providing real-time insights, integrated workflow and business rules, alongside business decisions driven by machine learning, the opportunities that Alfa Systems presents to asset finance companies are clear and compelling.

With over 30 current clients and 38 countries served, Alfa has offices all over Europe, Australasia and the Americas. For more information, visit us at alfasystems.com or on LinkedIn.

Cinnamon Park
Tel: 01925 849004
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.datelprotex.com

Protex is a comprehensive Business Management and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution that has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of clothing and footwear companies.

Protex enables businesses to integrate and streamline processes for sourcing, distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing, to deliver time and money savings. By consolidating these essential functions, businesses can focus on growing and achieving business goals with greater efficiency.