LANSA Open for .NET

Tight, Fast, and Secure Access to IBM i Resources from .NET Applications

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Unite Your .NET IBM i Applications

LANSA Open for .NET is a Visual Studio plugin designed to allow Windows developers to access IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) resources (including data and programs) directly within their .NET applications. It offers easy integration between IBM i and .NET.

Benefits of LANSA Open for .NET

Why Use LANSA Open for .NET? LANSA Open for .NET enables IT departments to safely open up their IBM i data and applications to a variety of internal and external .NET applications without risking security or data integrity to deliver a better customer experience to your employees.

.NET and IBM
i Collaboration

Break down application silos and achieve a single version of the truth by enabling .NET and IBM i to work collaboratively to share real-time data, automate business processes, and eliminate synchronization between Windows and IBM i platforms.

Controlled Access to IBM i Data from .NET

IT departments can safely open up their enterprise IBM i data to a variety of internal and external applications without risking security or data integrity. LANSA’s Business Rules Engine enforces validation logic and ensures that unacceptable data never hits the database.

Faster Transfer of Data and Information

LANSA Open for .NET implements native record-level access to Db2 data over an encrypted, secure connection. Using native record-level access means .NET applications can quickly work with large volumes of Db2 data by taking advantage of IBM i’s powerful data processing capabilities.

Tighter IBM i Security from .NET

LANSA Open for .NET’s runtime DLL encrypts and compresses data during transmission between the client and the server, protecting sensitive data from being compromised as it is sent d