[LIVE WEBINAR] Integrate Visual LANSA with Salesforce. Register to join on April 30.
[LIVE WEBINAR] Integrate Visual LANSA with Salesforce. Register to join on April 30.
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Start building your first Visual LANSA application

Who is this for? For developers!
Visual LANSA was built for developers by developers. It is a professional-low-code platform that enables rapid application development for building enterprise-grade mobile, web, and desktop apps – all while operating within a single IDE.

Why should you try it? To see how easy creating applications can be!
Accelerate to the speed of low-code, but without low-code constraints, this is what Visual LANSA enables you.

What are other Visual LANSA advantages?

  • Full IDE for Rapid Application Development
  • Integrated Active Repository Engine simplifies business processes and reduces maintenance
  • Build Enterprise grade applications quickly & easily
  • Powerful Application Framework with Rapid Prototyping
  • Integration and Business Process Automation made easy
  • Easily create Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s)
  • LANSA is the Only Native Low-Code for IBM i
  • Deliver 5250, Batch, Web, Windows, Mobile, Integration, Modernization, etc.

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