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Enhancing Customer Experience with LANSA Commerce Edition

by | Jun 7, 2024 | eCommerce Solutions

Customer experience can dramatically influence your business’ bottom line. eCommerce is no longer limited to the most in-demand products; it has become more about engaging and entertaining consumers. Customers should have a pleasant experience in your online store so they can visit your store again, reorder, and become loyal customers.

In fact, 74% of consumers say customer experience is a key determinant in their purchasing decisions. However, many businesses struggle to pinpoint and address the hurdles their customers face, which leads to subpar online experiences and lost sales opportunities.

LANSA Commerce Edition addresses these challenges and helps companies improve their eCommerce customer experience. It offers powerful features such as ERP integrations, strong security, and highly responsive websites—essential for optimizing eCommerce operations.

Key Features Offered by LANSA Commerce Edition

LANSA Commerce Edition provides a versatile toolkit to create seamless, personalized shopping experiences. It includes features to improve customer experiences, such as multilingual capability, omnichannel experience, real-time order updates, and top-notch security.

Rotary Corporation’s website transformation serves as a prime example of these capabilities in action. Initially plagued by limited search functions and a rigid layout, the implementation of LANSA Commerce Edition revitalized their digital storefront. This overhaul enhanced user-friendliness, customer satisfaction, and sales, demonstrating the platform’s capacity to keep businesses competitive and attuned to market demands.

  • Pre-built eCommerce Pages

Leveraging pre-designed components to customize your eCommerce store and create intuitive websites can significantly enrich the user experience. A well designed website with a visually appealing layout and easy navigation features is essential for an outstanding customer experience.

LANSA Commerce Edition offers templates for essential web pages—Login, Register, Home, Product List, and Order Confirmation. This allows businesses to tailor their sites with unique content, imagery, and multimedia, maintaining a consistent, professional appearance throughout. This facilitates smooth and efficient customer interactions.

  • Multi-tiered Security Model

Data security has recently become a significant issue for eCommerce websites. With LANSA Commerce Edition, you can enable a multi-tiered security model in your eCommerce website. These multi-tiered security measures include secure authentication protocols, encryption of sensitive information, and regular security updates to prevent vulnerabilities and protect user data and transactions. In addition to the multi-tiered security model, LANSA conforms within a PCI DSS-compliant environment to ensure data encryption during transmission, avoiding any local storage of credit card data and integrating with accredited payment gateways.

Not to mention, enhanced security measures build customer’s trust by keeping personal and financial information secure. This safety assurance encourages more users to engage with the platform for a better overall user experience. Customers feel confident shopping on a secure website while boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Omnichannel Solutions

Customers interact with brands through various channels, from social media to mobile apps and websites. Providing a smooth and consistent customer experience at all these touchpoints makes a significant impact. LANSA Commerce Edition delivers an omnichannel approach as it utilizes CSS frameworks to make your eCommerce website look great on all devices, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. Customers can enjoy a smooth shopping experience regardless of where they interact with the brand. They can start a purchase online, access their account, and order the history from any device.

Additionally, the platform’s responsiveness makes sure the user interface adjusts and performs optimally on any device. It provides a consistent and engaging experience to consumers. This flexibility enhances customer experience by making shopping convenient and accessible, which can boost customer satisfaction and increase sales.

  • Order Management

Customers expect real-time order tracking and delivery updates. As an eCommerce business owner, providing timely updates to your customers is really important, allowing customers to remain engaged and informed throughout the entire buying process. LANSA Commerce Edition’s advanced order management system keeps customers informed from the moment an order is placed until it’s delivered to provide transparency and trust throughout the purchase process.

Order Management

Order Management page created using LANSA Commerce Edition

  • Multilingual Capabilities

Offering your website in multiple languages can dramatically expand your market reach and build deeper trust and loyalty among diverse customer bases. LANSA Commerce Edition supports multilingual capabilities to allow businesses to cater to global audiences in their preferred languages, thereby personalizing and enhancing the shopping experience.

Order Management

Multilingual options available on LANSA Commerce Edition


Start Revamping Your Store’s Customer Experience

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. eCommerce companies face fierce competition, and to thrive in this competitive environment, businesses need to foster a unique bond with customers by delivering an exceptional customer experience. LANSA Commerce Edition is a suite of B2B components that enables you to build a highly customizable, fully integrated, and tailored eCommerce website. It offers a powerful eCommerce solution to enhance online presence and improve user experience.

LANSA Professional Services, a team of experts, will start by understanding your current business operations and evaluate the service you need, which will guide the objectives. Then, the team needs a thorough review of the existing website, if any, to understand the current business needs. In the first session, the Professional Services Team will define the requirements for the storefront pages, which are essential for tailored customer interactions. Additionally, they will discuss integrating existing systems to have seamless operations. Finally, they will tackle the critical phases of conversion, testing, IT, and site requirements to ensure a smooth transition and successful implementation.


Elevate Customer Experience with LANSA Commerce Edition

Looking for a solution to enhance your eCommerce customer experience? Take your eCommerce customer experience to the next level with LANSA Commerce Edition.

LANSA’s Professional Services Team is dedicated to understanding your business operations and evaluating your specific requirements. Through collaborative meetings, we delve into your eCommerce objectives, striving not just to meet but exceed your goals. Leveraging our extensive resources and expertise, our team customizes a modern eCommerce application tailored to anticipate and fulfill your customers’ diverse needs. For those seeking to elevate their eCommerce customer experience, reach out to us today for a transformative solution.