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10 Things About IBM i Modernization Tools You May Not Have Known

by | May 17, 2022 | aXes, ibm i modernization | 0 comments

Today different organizations rely on IBM i software to run their operations. With the rapid increase in IT, legacy or existing IBM i applications require technology modernization. Different IBM i modernization tools are available to revamp the legacy applications or to meet new business challenges. Modernizing applications improve their security and fault tolerance, as well as their compliance with procedures and ever-increasing audits.

Modernizing IBM i applications is a challenging task. Specific IBM i technical skills, such as RPG programming or CASE tools, are becoming harder to obtain. New developers are unable to maintain columnar legacy code developed for a “green screen”. To meet these kinds of challenges, LANSA offers various IBM i application modernization tools that increase the organization’s productivity. 

This article will discuss different features of IBM i modernization tools that help transform your existing application into modernized apps.

What Are The 10 Facts You Should Know About IBM i Modernization Tools?

If you’re planning to modernize your existing IBM i applications, here are 10 facts you should know about your IBM i modernization tools:

  1. Allow to integrate new features with IBM i existing data and modernize applications
  2. Reduces the digital transformation risks
  3. Resist hacking and security threats
  4. Support for hybrid cloud environment migration
  5. Ability to design seamless user experience
  6. Provides flexibility to achieve unique business outcomes or improves productivity
  7. Modernize faster and cost-effective
  8. Increase reliability and robustness 
  9. Allow APIs integration
  10. Increases the scalability

1. Allow to integrate new features with IBM i existing data and modernize applications

The IBM i modernized applications are compatible with the legacy and modernized solutions. So, you don’t need to worry about rebuilding the core applications to move towards digital transformation.

With LANSA’s IBM i modernization tools, you can operate modern, next-generation workloads like artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, machine learning (ML), and blockchain on modernized IBM i systems without affecting your existing mission-critical applications.

2. Reduces digital transformation risks

Organizations use the digital transformation process to revamp or modernize their existing IBM i applications by adopting new digital technology.  So, migrating projects is a challenging task that requires a huge budget and risks. In most cases, the new platforms may fail to deliver the functionalities they promise.

When you modernize legacy applications using the IBM i modernization tools, there’s no need to worry about developing solutions at the expense of your business-critical tasks. You may use new technologies to stay competitive without having to rewrite your applications, which can be costly and ineffective.

3. Resist hacking and security threats

One of the significant features of IBM i modernization applications is high security.  LANSA’s IBM i modernization tools include an integrated security layer during the digital transformation process. It keeps your applications and data safe, even when remote access to critical systems is enabled.

4. Support for hybrid cloud environment migration

If your company is migrating to a hybrid cloud environment, LANSA’s IBM i Modernization tools provide what you’ll need to make the transition go smoothly. This gives you the agility of the cloud while keeping the existing IBM i application’s power, reliability, and security.

5. Ability to design seamless user experience

Organizations want to provide intuitive, simple, and painless user experiences to satisfy the expectations of today’s customers and employees.

LANSA’s aXes modernization solution allows you to add new web user interfaces to the existing 5250 IBM i green screen applications to access them through the web browser.

6. Provides flexibility to achieve unique business needs or Improves productivity

Organizations reconstruct the entire workflow or modernize the existing applications using the IBM i modernizations tools. Adopting modern development processes and open-source tools increases productivity and the IT team can easily develop and deploy modernized IBM I applications to meet the unique business requirements.

LANSA’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product is an open-source enterprise resource planning software solution for modernizing or redesigning the IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) applications for different organizations. 

7. Modernize faster and cost-effective

Existing IBM i systems require more effort when it launches new software or hardware updates.  When you need a complex portal but don’t have the time, cost, or resources to build one from scratch, the LANSA Portalize IBM i modernization tool gives you the optimal solution.

8. Increases reliability and robustness

Organizations need to increase the data integrity or processing power of their existing IBM i applications. In this scenario, IBM i modernization tools can customize and modernize your existing applications to securely and reliably manage large quantities of transactions. 

LANSA Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP) tool enables IT Teams to provide users with continual enhancements using targeted updates only to new components or enhanced existing components. 

9. Allow APIs integration

Organizations can extend IBM i application’s data and functionality to other applications or external users by adding APIs to existing apps. Furthermore, this strategy can help you upgrade legacy systems, decouple internal systems, improve user and customer experience, and increase ROI.

LANSA IBM i modernizations tool Visual LANSA makes REST API implementation simple and LANSA Integrator moves data between diverse platforms and applications. It manages data transformation, email, communication, messaging, SOAP, and REST web services.

10. Increases the scalability

IBM i modernization tools enable organizations to build scalable applications or portals. It means if you start your business with a small solution, you can easily scale up your business according to the changing business environment.

LANSA’s Portalize allows you to improve the existing IBM i application’s scalability to meet your constantly changing business requirements.

What do LANSA products do?

If you’re looking to further reduce operating costs, the LANSA IBM i modernization tools are available to modernize your IBM i applications. LANSA’s products include Visual LANSA, aXes, Portalize, ERP framework, RAMP, Composer, and Integrator that are compatible with third-party solutions and increase the efficiency and time savings for your workforce. 

The LANSA products offer the following characteristics for application modernization:

  • Boost efficiency with scalability and agility
  • Gain greater insights
  • Improve security and reduce risk
  • Optimize IT costs
  • Innovate faster
  • Create an agile and strategic workforce

Why should you choose LANSA in your application modernization?

LANSA Products helps organizations handle the most significant business tasks while maintaining the integrity of crucial transactions and data. The LANSA IBM i modernization tools come with rich business functionality, an Executive Dashboard, Desktop integration, Ongoing project support, and advanced workflow. 

LANSA application modernization solutions enable different companies to Build more efficient and accelerated business line applications that support cross-platform or flexible deployment and integrations. 

Ready to modernize your IBM i applications with LANSA modernization tools?

LANSA is the solution for businesses that need IBM I modernization and data integration done fast, reliably, and with minimal resources. 

Another LANSA IBM I solution is aXes which automates the implementation of web-enabled IBM I applications. It enables enterprises to quickly transform their legacy Synon/2E-based and green screen of 5250 applications into web pages without changing the source code.

aXes enables organizations to build new applications or add mobile features to existing applications to use on ant smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices.

Portalize, a scalable, flexible, and full-featured IBM I portal framework, is one of LANSA’s technologies designed specifically for IBM I users. Because of Visual LANSA’s flexibility, Portalize is ready to use as soon as you set it up, and it can be readily modified and upgraded as technology and user demands change.

Ready to get started? If you answered yes, contact us to start using Visual LANSA for your application development and IBM i modernization needs.



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