Announcing new Visual LANSA EPC for v15+: Win11 support, new UI updates, and more

by | Sep 13, 2022 | General, IBM i, Visual LANSA, Web Solutions

We’re very pleased to release EPC150050 for Visual LANSA v15.

This EPC release builds on the feature set of Visual LANSA v15+, which introduced Progressive Web Application support, providing developers with a quick and easy way to create progressive web apps (PWAs) utilizing the power of low-code. 

This quality release includes 117 improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes. It has all the latest fixes and changes shipped via hotfixes and patches since the last EPC.

What’s new in EPC150050?

Major highlights include Windows 11 OS compatibility and new User Interface Updates.

Windows 11 Operating System Support

This EPC includes all required updates for LANSA for Windows 11 support in V15.

User Interface Updates

We have modernized the Visual LANSA interface with a home screen and welcome screen user interface updates, providing an enhanced getting started experience to LANSA customers. You can also experience a sneak peek at the upcoming look and feel for the upcoming Visual LANSA UI redesign.

Shown: Updated Welcome Screen



Shown: Updated Home Screen


IDE Enhancements 

EPC150050 benefits application developers with improved stability in the IDE in the areas of ActiveX, editor usage, and having support for Excel integration and expanded UTF-8 support in the IDE.

Additional Improvements

This release offers improvements for Base64 data support in web services (API blob support for v15). Developers can now use a new BytesAsObject format to send and receive fields of type BLOB as a JSON object with properties for file name, mime type, and Base64 encoding of BLOB file contents.

This release also includes support for BitShiftLeft and BitShiftRight intrinsics.

Getting more information and instructions

For more information about all installation instructions optimizations and bug fixes, please check the EPC support page.

About EPCs

EPCs are Expedited Program Changes that contain fixes and enhancements to LANSA products. It is recommended to be at the latest EPC level to ensure that you have all the most recent fixes, features, and enhancements.