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Top 5 E-commerce App Development Tips for 2024

by | Apr 19, 2024 | App Development, eCommerce Solutions

Gone are the days when a website alone was enough for an eCommerce business to succeed and thrive. Consumers demand more personalized, customer-centric experiences from the brands they patronize. We must address this drastic shift in consumer behavior; though challenging, it promises lucrative future returns. Investing in eCommerce app development allows you to reach a broader audience, enhance customer engagement with personalized experiences, and increase conversion rates and revenue.

Besides, the market offers a plethora of tools like LANSA Commerce Edition, that help you build high-quality E-commerce apps without any hassle. LANSA Commerce Edition not only enables you to realize your dream eCommerce App but also gives essential tips for those aspiring to create one.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and learn the tips and tricks for developing a successful eCommerce application.

5 Crucial Tips for E-commerce App Development in 2024

With 2024 in full swing, it is clear that the world is moving towards online selling and shopping. Now that 64% of the world has access to the internet, Euromonitor International has predicted that goods worth $11 trillion will be sold through online shopping by the end of 2024. To claim your share, you need to update your eCommerce application and equip it with things that will benefit your business. Read on to find out the five crucial tips for eCommerce development in 2024.

  • Ensure Top-Notch Security

With cyberattacks accelerating, creating a highly secure eCommerce website has become essential for businesses around the globe. Ensuring data security at all times can significantly enhance your business’s favorability among customers. The better your app keeps the data, the more people will trust and eventually use it. This will not only increase your brand loyalty but will also help in converting visitors into paying customers.

Therefore, you need a reliable development team with strong security measures for an app, and LANSA is just the right choice for that.

LANSA utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security to ensure the encryption of data during transmission. The multi-tiered security by LANSA restricts the stealing of any kind of data from your app.

  • Mobile-First Design

Does your site provide an optimized mobile experience when accessed via a smartphone or tablet? Does your web portal load faster on a desktop than on a mobile? Implementing a mobile-first design strategy is not an option but a necessity. Earlier businesses used to do the opposite by going with desktop first, and that approach used to complicate the after-process of developing it into a mobile-friendly application. Instead, what E-commerce companies need to do is flip the process and start with making a mobile-friendly application and then turn it into one for the desktop.

The mobile-first approach makes the app more user-friendly. It is also beneficial for eCommerce, as the customer-to-consumer rate of mobile eCommerce is three times higher than that of desktop websites. Not only that, but over 85% of people do retail marketing through apps, and over 50% of buyers prefer service through an application. It is quite obvious why you need a mobile-first design.
There are many companies and tools that offer such services, and LANSA is one of the best of them. LANSA Commerce Edition can help you achieve this with advanced technology with minimal coding.

  • Enhance the App’s Performance

Let’s face it, application performance can make or break an app’s success due to its impact on prolonged usage and user retention. Because the first impression of the app matters, whether it is the app churn rate or its risk of crashing, every single component matters. Normally, apps with high traffic but a weak back-end server crash frequently, and it can cause you inevitable losses. To tackle this problem, you need to make an application that has strong front and backend capabilities that can adapt according to the flow of visitors, which is only possible with a good development team. LANSA can help you in this situation with LANSA Commerce Edition, which makes sure that your application does not have loose ends and loopholes that can make your application vulnerable.

  • Omnichannel Experience

Customers utilize various channels for shopping and seek multiple ways to access customer support services. Retail stores, eCommerce apps, and social media platforms are among the popular choices.

However, providing inconsistent services across these channels may lead to customer attrition. Ensuring a seamless experience is crucial to retaining your valued customers. This is where the need for an omnichannel customer experience strategy arises.

As the name suggests, an omnichannel customer experience strategy involves utilizing multiple channels, be it offline stores or online sites and mobile apps, to sell products/services to the users. This not only increases your brand awareness but also increases your source of income. But for that, you need to develop an app that is easily accessible, and there are a lot of tools that can do it for you, LANSA Commerce Edition being one of the best among them. LANSA Commerce Edition can provide you with all the resources you need for your E-commerce business, such as websites, apps, etc.

  • Use a Low-Code Platform

A low-code platform can be your shortcut for future upgrades. It is quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective, as the low code method works by using pre-made components and graphics for the development. It comes with a lot of benefits, like the following:

      • Saves You Money: App development can be costly, and a low-code development approach can be a relief if you are on a tight budget. It costs less as it requires less maintenance, and there are fewer bugs because it abstracts most of the complex codes and architecture. You don’t need a big team of maintenance developers for this, so you save money
      • Decrease Your TTM(Time-to-Market): Before you launch an app, you need to market the fact that you are soon going to launch one. If, by any chance, there is a delay in the development of your app, the losses can be huge. To tackle this problem, you can make a low-code application instead. It will be far quicker than other applications because it’s made with the drag-and-drop approach. It will not only save you time but also exponentially decrease the chances of last-minute bugs.
      • Increases Scalability: Scalability is an important factor in the development of an app, and it is often tiring when you do it for a high-code app. But it is quite the opposite when it comes to low-code apps, as they already have various built-in features like ARM (Automatic Resource Management), performance optimization, etc., which can be easily integrated into cloud services and help the app handle higher traffic.

Although it is easy to build eCommerce platforms with low-code programming, you still need tools or developers that can execute them well. LANSA Commerce Edition is built with LANSA’s powerful low-code development tools. With this tool, configuring and maintaining your site will be easier since you don’t have to spend time coding in a dozen different languages.


Maximize your E-commerce Growth with LANSA Commerce Edition.

Making an online purchase through eCommerce applications has become a norm and convenient shopping option for people of all ages. For users, online stores are convenient and reduce any possible friction while shopping. For businesses and developers, they are a must-have to increase their online presence while boosting revenue. Some even predict that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be made via E-commerce, and sooner or later, it might hit the 100% milestone. 2024 can be the tipping point where e-commerce will pick up more steam, and if you want to be one of the industry leaders, you should join the race to go online with your E-commerce business with the help of LANSA Commerce Edition.

Boost Your eCommerce Capabilities with LANSA Commerce Edition

Having a hard time building a successful eCommerce Platform? Or don’t know what you need for your E-commerce business? To ease this stress and analyze the needs of your business, LANSA has Professional Services, a team of experts that will understand how your business works and then evaluate the service that you need. They will have meetings and sessions with you to discuss your eCommerce objectives and then help you achieve that and, sometimes, something even better. The sole purpose of the team is to dedicate their knowledge to your service and utilize all the resources they can to provide you with a personalized and modern E-commerce application that caters to your customers’ every need. If you are also confused about the needs of your business, then contact us now.